AET is first and foremost a SERVICE business. Yes, we can sell you a Drive or Starter but we thrive on making, fixing and creating.

Workshop Repairs

AET have a long history of hands-on repair.

We can often repair Circuit Boards to component level, even if we have to scour the world to locate obsolete parts.

Drives and Soft Starters are usually cost effective to repair and AET will exhaust this option before offering a new replacement.

We will assess your equipment for no cost or obligation.

We will give you a written "fixed price" quotation.

If we can't repair your equipment, we will not charge you a cent.

Site Repairs & Maintenance

AET have qualified Service Technicians available anytime – day or night to come to your site to repair or maintain your Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters.

AET can repair failed Drives and safely test, prior to reinstating the equipment for operation.

AET can safely Soft Power or Reform an old Drive - either on your site or in our workshop. 


AET hold a large quantity of Spare Parts and Service Drives to ensure plant down time is held to a minimum.

Applications, Engineeering & INSTALLATION

AET have the skills and experience to help with any applications, engineering or projects you may have that involve Variable Speed Drives or Soft Starters.

AET can:

  • Design.
  • Produce CAD Drawings.
  • Compile BIlls Of Materials.
  • Make Calculations and provide Specifications.
  • Procure, Build and Manage.
  • Commission.
  • Maintain.
  • Upgrade and Retrofit old installations.
  • As Registered Electrical Contractors, we can also install your VSDs and Process Control Equipment.

Audits & Investigations

Drives and Starters can create or be affected by Power Quality issues.
Drives can sometimes create problems with motor windings and bearings.

AET have the expertise and equipment to enable on-site diagnosis and resolution of these potential problems.

AET can perform:

  • Harmonics and Power Quality studies.
  • Thermographic Surveys.
  • Bearing Discharge Measurements.
  • Site evaluation of installations and operation.
  • Produce Technical Reports.


AET spend plenty of time on site and are familiar with the technical challenges that engineers, consultants, contractors and maintenance personnel face when they are working with Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters.

AET have created Training Programs to assist with the knowledge and understanding required to select, install, operate, maintain and trouble-shoot Drives and Starters.

Training courses are tailored for all levels of competency and comfort. Our training is very hands-on and takes a real-world approach to the subject matter.

AET can bring our training services to your site or you can let us do all the work for you in our training room.

Rental Drives & SOFT STARTERS

Sometimes a Drive or Starter is required for a temporary need such as factory or product testing.

Sometimes a Drive or Starter is required to cover for another that may be out of service or in for repair.

AET have a selection of Rental Drives and Starters of various power ratings up to 500kW in both IP21 or IP54/55 form.

We can deliver these to your site and get you up and running with minimal fuss and modest cost.