Based in Bayswater in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, AET have established a fully equipped Service Centre with full Repair and Test capability for Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters.

AET Service Engineers are available all hours to come to your site and assist with trouble-shooting, breakdown repair, commissioning or technical investigations including power quality and Variable Speed Drives issues.

AET take pride in maintaining a high level of technical competency and have set up Training facilities for passing their know-how on to end users, contractors and technical colleges.

AET are Certified Service Partners for Schneider Electric and can offer Schneider Electric Drives and Soft Starters to suit any application.

Our People

At AET, we are always up for a chat. If you want to talk about the weather or find out how to change the settings on your VSD, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.


Karen can usually be found at the front desk looking after accounts and other exciting administrative functions.

(Also looks after pizzas on the odd Friday that she lets us have them).


Stuart is the resident geek and tech head.

If not in his natural habitat of computers and things, Stuart will be found in the workshop doing repairs or on site fixing a drive.  Stuart will always be doing something technical!

For any service or repair matter, give Stuart a call.


Mark is the electrical and mechanical guru.

If you want a contraption designed, Mark will have the ideas.  With a long history in the electrical industry he is our go to man for applications engineering.

Mark is also highly entertaining as our resident Training professor.


Lindsay is the resident stirrer and fills many roles (though some say he’s there for comic relief). He knows a little bit about a lot of things and can always help with most topics in the industry.

Lindsay can help if you have a project or need a Control Panel built.

Our Facility

At AET, we have spent our time, energy and resources in setting up a facility for truly providing real technical support.

We started life as a Service and Support business and this is still our core function.

We have invested significantly in our service and repair facilities. We have bought or built equipment to enable us to efficiently and safely test and repair Drives and Starters down to circuit board component level.

We have acquired an array of test equipment to enable us to perform on-site trouble-shooting and diagnostics at the highest level.

Our test equipment includes:- Scopemeters, Power & Harmonics Analysers, Chart Recorders, Test Supplies, Oscilloscopes and Motor Diagnostic Equipment

AET Office and Workshop

AET are centrally based in Bayswater Victoria and provide metropolitan and regional support to domestic, commercial and industrial users of Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters.

Whether you are a home hobbyist with a Drive on a Lathe or a major manufacturer with hundreds in your process, AET will give you the same high level of commitment and support, any time day or night.

AET Test and Repair Facility

AET have built a Load Bay for testing every Drive they repair.

Every Drive or Starter is dynamically load tested for hours to ensure the equipment is free of functional or thermal problems before it is returned for use.

The end user can have confidence that their Drive or Starter will be ready to work and work reliably for many years after AET have repaired it.

AET Training Centre

AET spend plenty of time on site and are familiar with the technical challenges that engineers, consultants, contractors and maintenance personnel face when they are working with Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters.

AET have created Training Programs to assist with the knowledge and understanding required to select, install, operate, maintain and trouble-shoot Drives and Starters.

Training courses are tailored for all levels of competency and comfort.