AET can provide all of your electronic motor control needs and have provided Drives and Starters to a multitude of end users for countless applications.

Whether it’s a pump, fan, compressor, chiller, conveyor, crusher, AET will have a solution.

AET has decades of experience to help you select the correct product for your application.

AET will only offer products that we can fully support.


AET can supply both new and refurbished Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters.

AET can supply the Drive or Starter to your specification or sit down with you and work out what best suits your needs from a financial and technical perspective.

AET can supply stand-alone Drives or completely engineered solutions.

AET can provide RENTAL Drives and Starters for short or long term needs, for example, if your own Drive is being repaired or you need a Drive to factory test a Fan or Pump.

All equipment offered by AET is backed up with product warranty and AET technical support, either remotely by phone or direct on-site.


If you need more than a standard Drive or Soft Starter, AET can help by providing any level of customisation.

AET can design, modify and test to ensure the customised Drive or Starter will do exactly what you require of it.

AET can build Drives and Starters into custom or stock enclosures with additional switch-gear and controls to suit your specification and budget.

If your application requires automation, AET can implement this at whatever level you require, and whatever your budget demands, utilising PLCs, HMIs and Industrial Communications Networks.

All equipment supplied includes detailed documentation, manuals, bills of materials and schematics.

AET can deliver to your site and commission it to your satisfaction.


Often a Drive application or installation will require additional components to satisfy the application and ensure the Drive, Power Supply and Connected Load operate correctly and reliably.

AET can help you determine what you need to build a functional and robust Drive system.

AET can specify and supply:-

  • Chokes – Motor and Line
  • Dynamic Brake Resistors
  • Mains Filters – Line EMC
  • Motor Filters –  dV/dt and Sinewave Type
  • Ventilated Enclosures – Choke & Resistor
  • Isolators, Contactors, Circuit Breakers & Fuses
  • Cables - Motor, Mains, Control including Glands


AET recognises the risks in powering Drives and Starters that may have internal faults or be of unknown condition.

AET have developed a DC Power Supply that allows a safer method of powering Drives and minimises the potential for harm to operator or equipment.

This Power Supply can be used for Soft Powering or Reforming most AC Drives.

The AET DC Power Supply features:-

  • 230 / 240 Vac to Variable 0 to 600 / 1000 Vdc @ 1 Amp.
  • Full Transformer Isolation between Mains and Output.
  • Direct reading Voltmeters and Ammeters.
  • Function Indicators.
  • Zero Volt Interlock.
  • Internal Safety Discharge Circuit.
  • Fuse and Circuit Breaker protected.
  • CAT rated Connections Leads and Clips.
  • Weather Proof Transit Trolley Case.
  • Australian Made.


AET can manufacture and supply custom equipment for technology training or product marketing purposes. 

For 25 years, AET have manufactured and supplied this equipment for major industrial equipment suppliers.

Showcased are 4 Training Drives for a leading global manufacturer of Variable Speed Drives.

The Training Drives allow full access to the featured drive technology, including:

  • Single Phase 240V classroom or exhibition mains supply.
  • Matched Induction Motor for Auto-tuning to Drive.
  • External Control Panel including Analogue and Digital Inputs and Outputs.
  • Access to drive Communications Ports.
  • Weather Proof Transit Trolley Case.
  • Australian Made.