Electronic Motor Control Specialists


AET are a Melbourne based repairer and supplier of Electronic Motor Control technology.

For 24+ years, AET have worked with Drives suppliers and end users to provide a high level of technical support for their Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starters and industrial electrical needs.

AET have experience with PDL Electronics, TECO, Telemecanique, Schneider Electric, ABB, Danfoss, Rockwell and many other makes.


Industrial Electronics & DRIVE REPAIRS

Our experience, equipment and facilities give us a wide range of capabilities and the ability to provide cost effective electronic repair services.

Dedicated areas in our facility include an inspection reference lab, power electronics test area, load/soak bay and circuit board testing and repair section.

We keep a comprehensive range of spare components on hand, allowing us to quickly and effectively repair equipment right down to component level.

Services Include:

  • Workshop Repairs - 24 / 7: Drives, Starters, Industrial and Commercial Electronics
  • On Site Breakdown Service – 24 / 7
  • Site Maintenance of installed equipment
  • Soft Powering / Reforming old or stored Drives
  • Technical Audits and Investigations
  • Power Quality Studies
  • Thermographic Surveys
  • Drives Training - Onsite and in our Training Centre
  • Rental Drives & Soft Starters
  • Applications & Engineering
  • Control Panels and Automation
  • Installations and Upgrades

Key Services

Electronic Repairs

Electronic repairs on Drives, Soft Starters and industrial electronic devices and assemblies down to component level.

Motor Control

Design, supply, install, commission and maintain Drives and Soft Starters including full customisation.

Training & Maintenance

Maintenance and Training services for Variable Speed Drive technology tailored to your requirements.


We can provide all of your Drives and Starter needs including accessories, ancillary components and full customisation including in-house assembled control panels.

We only supply equipment of the highest quality that we have full confidence in. 

Products Include:

  • Variable Speed Drives & Soft Starters
  • Refurbished & Cost Effective Drives & Starters
  • Control Panels, Customised Drives and Automation Systems
  • Brake Resistors
  • Chokes - Line and Motor
  • Filters - EMC, dv/dt and Sinewave
  • Drive Fuses
  • Choke & Resistor Enclosures
  • Drives Test Equipment
  • Custom Built Power Supplies
  • Educational & Training Drives